Prospective Students

Please feel free to email Dr. Goldstein ( to discuss how you might get involved.

If you are interested in obtaining research experience in social and emotional learning or developmental science, please contact Dr. Goldstein.  If you’d like, you can complete a RA application (here) in advance of emailing, and send with your initial email. Mason undergraduates can participate in the lab as volunteers, for course credit, or with the OSCAR FWS program.

Summer Interns
The lab will host at least 2, possibly 4 paid part time and full time summer interns (Undergraduate, recent BA, or MA level) for the summer of 2020. We will post the job opportunity on a variety of listserves, or please email Dr. Goldstein in January 2020 for more information. 

Masters Students
The lab is likely to take at least 2 masters students for the coming 2020-2021 academic year.  We are always looking for masters students who are interested in a combination of field-based, school-based, and laboratory work.  

Doctoral Students
The lab is planning on taking one Ph.D. level student for 2020-2021 academic year. We are interested in students who want to investigate questions in social and emotional intervention, learning, and imaginative/ theatrical experiences. Previous experience in a variety of settings (schools, laboratory experiments), methodological techniques (qualitative, GLM, HLM) and ages are particularly welcome. Please feel free to contact Dr. Goldstein if you’d like to arrange for a meeting.